Thursday, June 25, 2015




1).        What will you do with your mountain?

I am going to keep speaking to it and have faith that it will remove out of my life!


2).        What is God-like faith?

God-like faith is faith that speaks and demand something to move and it move. Faith has something to say!


3).        When you sow to the Spirit, what do you get?

When I sow to the Spirit I reap life according to Galatians 6:8.


4).        What do Matthew 12:34-37 says?



5).        What is the different between "the faith of God," and "faith in God"?

I truly believe the faith of God is so powerful He spoke and it just happened. He knew His words would accomplish where He send it according to (Isaiah 55:11); we must have faith in God when we speak to our mountains. Our faith in God help move the mountains in our lives.


6).        How do we speak to these mountains in our lives?

We speak with the faith of God.


7).        What will be your heart condition?

I will believe that when I speak it will happen and if it don't at that time, I will continue to speak. My heart will believe. If my heart is not in tune with God-like faith I will pray and ask God to help me. I don't want to waver or be unstable in my ways or my speaking.  I will eliminate doubt by renewing my mind according to Romans 12:2.


8).        What do you want to come to pass?

I will say what I need to come to pass by the Word of God. I will only say what I want to come to pass and not negative words. I refuse to frame my world with doubtful, unbelieving, careless, or useless words, and according to Mark 11:23, I will have whatsoever I say. Amen.


9).        When does faith receive?

Faith receives when it prays according to Mark 11:24. I will not pray and ask God to do for me, what I have the authority and ability to do for myself. Thank You, Lord!


10).      How do you eliminate doubt?

You eliminate doubt by renewing your mind according to Romans 12:2

Prayer Time

Prayer Time
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