Friday, July 1, 2016

BIBLE STUDY: "Praying Like Jesus" Sharing

Week # 3         PRAYER FOCUS:

To be persist in prayer and my time before God. To be confident that He hears me. As I pray, let Him work in my heart and circumstances. ( I am getting better as I study.)


Week # 3         Prayer Request:

Pray for our leaders to seek solutions for our communities and nation that can only come from the Lord; (Psalm 33:12)


Week # 3         APPLY IT: A Daily Quiet Time with God

Lord, make me mindful of my words. Make me a powerful source of encouragement to those in need, and let my words and deeds be worthy of Your Son, the One who gives me courage and strength for this day and for all eternity. If I can't pray all night, then I will wake through the night and talk with You, my Lord. Father God, I come to You on the behalf of leaders in all nations, that they honor You in their communities wherever they be. We pray that these leaders seek solutions from You and only from You, Lord. You are our hope, AMEN.


Week # 3         THOUGHT4TODAY:

For us the salve, the ointment that soothes the irritations of life, is Jesus Christ, the Great Physician. And we have instant communication with Him through times of prayerful solitude. (By Franklin Graham)


Week # 3         Reading Assignments…………Book of Genesis………Chapters 11-15

I have finished my weekly reading assignment now! 

Prayer Time

Prayer Time
Praying for Peace