Thursday, October 1, 2015


Next Bible Study Coming Soon:


It is a blessing to study God's Word. God's Word is a lamp to my feet, and a light unto my path (Psalm 119: 105).  I can remember when it was confusing to me, my life didn't mean anything, but now God blesses me through my study, God guide me through my study, and His Holy Spirit is my teacher. The study of "Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation" was an eye opening experience once again. I desire to go deep in depth of the book of Revelation concerning the "Seven" churches, seven angels, seven stars, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven heads of the beast, seven last plagues, seven golden candlesticks, and seven lamps. It may be more and I will found them and study them too.  But, for now, the next Bible study will be "Walking in the Spirit." In this study we will learn to walk in the Holy Spirit of God.  Our ultimate goal in this study is to be led by God's Spirit, and commune with the Holy Spirit as a person in the Holy Trinity.

Prayer Time

Prayer Time
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