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1).        What do the last chapters of Daniel is referring too?

(ch. 12) is filled with apocalyptic visions that challenge even the most advanced Bible students and scholars. It concerns a vision of the end time, in which we live in now. This vision concludes with assurance of ultimate victory of Jesus Christ and the Church.


2).        When properly read and understood, Daniel inspires, how?

It inspires us to greater faithfulness in our service to God, and strength our faith in the inspiration of the Bible.


3).        The name of Daniel means what?

The name of Daniel means "God is my judge," which provides a hint of one of the key themes in this book: "God will judge the nations of men."


4).        What was Daniel's position in the Kingdom of Babylon and Persia?

After his exile, Daniel rose to great heights in the Kingdom of Babylon and Persia (Daniel 2:48; 6:1-3), and he served as a statesman, a counselor to the kings, and a prophet of God.


5).        Daniel was contemporary with two other prophets, who were these prophets?

Jeremiah prophesied in Jerusalem before and during the Babylonian exile (626-528 B.C.)

Ezekiel prophesied in Babylon among the exiles (592-570 B.C.) This put them in the time of Daniel as well, (605-586 B.C.)


6).        Daniel, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah prophesied before, during, and after the exile, explain.


(626-528 B.C.)……Jeremiah…… "The weeping prophet…….Before and after captivity

(605-586 B.C.)……Daniel……… "Companion to Revelation…1st Deportation into captivity

(592-570 B.C.)……Ezekiel……… "The eagle eye prophet… 2nd group deportation to captivity


From reading Jeremiah 41-44 Gedaliah was assassinated ; There were a flight to Egypt, and Jeremiah was warned not to go, but he was force to go, and then there were another deportation at this time, which make it the third deportation. I must study it more closely to understand if Jeremiah was taken or left in Egypt at this time. I believe he was taken too.



7).        In the book of Daniel, we learn that the rule of God would be especially manifested, how?

It will be manifested with the establishment of God's kingdom-(Daniel 1:1-6:28), and with the vindication of the cause of His saints-(Daniel 7:27).


8).        Explain Daniel's dream in (7:1-28)

Daniel saw in a dream four winds, four great beasts come up from the sea (1) Lion with eagle's wings, (2) Bear with three ribs in his mouth, (3) Leopard with four wings of a fowl, with four heads, and (4) a beast with ten horns, and in the midst was another little horn speaking bad things. Daniel saw the antichrist as the little horn that rose out of ten horns on the head of the fourth beast that represented the Roman Empire; John, the book of Revelation describes the antichrist as the "the Beast rising up out of the 'sea'  (Revelation 13:3). In prophecy, the 'sea' represent the vast multitude of Gentile people. This is the end time described in biblical prophecy. He also talked about the Ancient of Days, the judgement, and the books was opened.


9).        Explain Daniel's dream in (8:1-27)

In the third year of Belshazzar Daniel had a vision of a ram and goat; The ram has two mighty horns, one longer than the other, and it charges east and west and north, overpowering all other beasts. A goat with a single horn appears from the west and destroys the ram. The goat becomes very powerful until the horn breaks off and is replaced by four lesser horns. A small horn that grows very large, it stops the daily temple sacrifices and desecrates the sanctuary for two thousand three hundred evening and mornings (1150 days) until the temple is cleansed. The angel Gabriel informs him that the ram represents the Medes and Persians, the goat is Greece, and the "little horn" is a wicked king.


10).      Explain Daniel's dream in (9:1-27)

The "seventy weeks" prophecy is one of the most significant and detailed Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament. It is found in Daniel 9. The chapter begins with Daniel praying for Israel, acknowledging the nation's sins against God and asking for God's mercy. As Daniel prayed, the angel Gabriel appeared to him and gave him a vision of Israel's future.  This vision is explained by Gabriel, which is the 70 weeks. 49 years +434 years =483 years; It talks about the purpose of the 70 weeks, and the fulfillment of the 70 weeks, and then explain the final week of the 70 weeks.

Daniel also predicts that the Antichrist will face judgment. He only rules "until the end that is decreed is poured out on him" (Daniel 9:27). God will only allow evil to go so far, and the judgment the Antichrist will face has already been planned out. 


11).      Explain Daniel's dream in (10:1-12-12:13)

It was an argument against territorial spirits.  The battle of Daniel 10 was fought in heaven, not earth. The battle did not involve humans but two angels and a demon; God directed the battle through Michael. God did not ask Daniel to bind demons or cast them from their geographical sphere, not at that time. God did not even ask Daniel to pray about the angelic conflict.  It is a visions and prophecy relating to the controlling hand of God moving the scenes in the Panorama of History. Daniel was informed about the end of time.



12).      Spiritually, what have you gain from this book (Daniel)?

I had planned to start reading the book of Daniel with this study once again for a greater knowledge of it. I have read this book once and it was a blessing then.  I understood it little, but have gained more knowledge through theology classes, and the teaching from previous pastors, and bible teachers too. Spiritually, it teaches us to hold fast to God even in the evil days, Daniel was a perfect example, amen.  Also, it teaches me that if I turn from God His wrath will be upon me just as upon the enemy. I must serve Him with all my heart, mind, and soul.  Personally, it stirs my heart to honor God more, to honor His Word, and to reach the lost so they can escape this trouble thing of the end time.


Reading Assignment:  Week # 1     Daniel 1-3  Monday-Wednesday-Friday

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