Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I have been reading these applications for my growth spiritually, so it can become a part of my life speaking on God's Word. 

I will continue to speak against mountains that comes up in my life, even right now I am speaking against the way I feel toward situation that has come up lately. I can not let my feelings control me. I was so hurt when they said that the law by themselves approved of same sex marriages, I was hurt!!!  They could have let us voted on it.  I was so hurt! I will stand on God's Word, so I can please God not man/woman. I believe this move has open the eyes of some concerning the end times. We are living in the end time!!  Hopefully, this will change some people's hearts, and bring them to God or back to God.  AMEN!

The application is something we can read until it becomes a part of our daily lives. These applications can be prayed or we can just speak them into our lives.  I read mine every morning and every night when I get the chance. If not every night I make sure I speak them that next morning. I am getting them in my spirit-man, so when a problem or situation comes up I can speak to it and move it out of my life. The mountain I spoke of earlier I am speaking to it every chance I get and I can see results now, and I will continue to speak to it. There is a book you can get called "Scripture confessions for healing" by Keith and Megan Provance. Great book! I am looking for one that teaches me how to speak to my financial problem too.  Reading material is a good thing to have to help us live an abundant life, amen.

Each week there are different applications, but the morning and evening are the same. 

Prayer Time

Prayer Time
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