Tuesday, December 23, 2014


QUESTIONS:    Joseph and Mary:



1.   Who told Mary and Joseph to go to Bethlehem?

Caesar Augustus, to be tax


2.  Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus because they were following a star.



3.   What form of transportation did Mary and Joseph use to get to Bethlehem? The answer is not a taxi cab.  We are not told in the Bibles


4.  Which Old Testament  prophet had the most to say about the birth of Christ?



5.  In the accounts announcing the birth of Christ (Matthew 1 and Luke 1 and 2) how many times did an angel or angels appear?

I may be wrong, but I counted (5) Mary Luke 1:26; Joseph Matthew 1:20; Shepherds Luke 2:8-9; Joseph Matthew 2:13; Joseph Matthew 2:19.


6.  Who told Joseph the baby's name was to be Jesus?

Angel Gabriel


7.  Can you list 5 names of Jesus found in the Bible? Some on my list are from Old Testament prophecies.

Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, Son of man, Messiah.


8. What are the meanings of the name Emmanuel?

God is with us


9. The shepherds and the wise men went to see Jesus. Which group followed a star and which group went to find the baby because an angel told them where to look? 

The wise men followed a star, and the shepherd would found Him lying in a manage wrapped in swaddling clothes,


10.  What did the heavenly host sing to the shepherds? "glory to God in the highest."


11.  When the shepherds went looking for Jesus, what was the sign they were to look for?  found Him lying in a manage wrapped in swaddling clothes,


12.  How many wise men or kings or magi came to see Jesus? We are not told in the Bible


13.  Matthew 2:8 says that Herod asked the wise men to inform him where the baby Jesus was. Why does this verse say he wanted to know?  He wanted kill Him.


14.  How old was Jesus when the wise men found him? About two years old.


15 What are the three gifts which were mentioned given by the wise men? 

1) Gold, 2) Frankincense, 3) Myrrh.


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Prayer Time
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